Nami yo Kiitekure / Wave, Listen to Me! episode references, parodies


Explanations for parodies, references in Nami yo Kiitekure / Wave, Listen to Me!.

Timestamps are approximate

Episode 1

13:18Nami-yo-Kiitekure-01-001318-parody-of-ghost-shipParody of film Ghost Ship

13:58Nami-yo-Kiitekure-01-001358-mira-gino-kaA Daihatsu Mira Gino car

16:21 Reference to variety TV show Joshiana No Batsu

Episode 2

4:10Nami-yo-Kiitekure-02-000410-windows-100Parody of Microsoft Windows 10

7:35 References to Senda Mitsuo and Aida Mitsuo

11:03Nami-yo-Kiitekure-02-001103-geegle-paro-of-google0Parody of Google search engine

12:31Nami-yo-Kiitekure-02-001231-voyager-golden-recordNami-yo-Kiitekure-02-001235-voyager-1The Voyager 1 space probe and the Golden Record

16:37Nami-yo-Kiitekure-02-001637-森高千里-『ララ-サンシャイン』Parody of Love Live! Sunshine!! anime title

Episode 3

3:12Nami-yo-Kiitekure-03-000312-chupa-kyapa0Reference to Chupa Chups

10:49 Reference to the song “Sono Nukumori ni You ga aru” by Sambomaster

11:43Nami-yo-Kiitekure-03-001143-5時SATマガジン-kaParody of Go-ji SATA magajin

12:59Nami-yo-Kiitekure-03-001259-Japan-FM-Network-kanaPossibly parody of Japan FM Network

20:40Nami-yo-Kiitekure-03-002040-ソニー-ICF-M780NA Sony ICF-M780N

Episode 4

11:13Nami-yo-Kiitekure-04-001113-school-warsParody of TV series School Wars ~Nakimushi-sensei no 7-nen Sensou~

14:41Nami-yo-Kiitekure-04-001441-i-dcd-sound-rashiiHonda Sport Hybrid i-DCD car and the sound it makes

23:19 The ringtone is the song Die Walküre, WWV 86B (Wagner, Richard)

Episode 5

17:27Nami-yo-Kiitekure-05-001727-possibly-facehugger-paro-from-alienPossibly parody of the Facehugger from the film Alien

Episode 6

9:21Nami-yo-Kiitekure-06-000921-sony-ICF-5900The Sony ICF-5900

Episode 8

6:13Nami-yo-Kiitekure-08-000613-charlie-chaplin-kanaParody of Charlie Chaplin and his character The Tramp

11:50 Lyrics of the song “Late Summer Lake” by Matsutoya Yumi. Yuming is reference to Matsutoya Yumi

Episode 9

9:20 Reference to the film Tom-Yum-Goong. The main character in the movie, Kham, who was played by Tony Jaa was also dubbed by Namikawa Daisuke, the voice of the character Suga Mitsuo

15:30 The movie Mitsuo and Koda Minare watched was probably the live-action film adaptation of the manga Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack On Titan considering that was what was out during the time of the source material of Nami yo Kiitekure 

23:31 Kakouton and Kakouen are the Japanese readings for Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan respectively

Episode 10

13:25Nami-Yo-Kiitekure-10-001325-kakouton-kakouenThe names of the two characters are “Kakouen” and “Kakouton” respectively. Kakouton and Kakouen are the Japanese readings for Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan respectively. However, the kanji for their names roughly mean “Processed Monkey” and “Processed Pig” respectively, and it can be seen that their faces resemble that of a monkey and a pig respectively.

14:13Nami-Yo-Kiitekure-10-001413-combo-of-gineiden-and-star-wars-kaLightsabers from the Star Wars film series, and also possibly a parody of Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of the Galactic Heroes

17:27 Reference to Adobe Audition

Episode 11

3:01 Reference to Miura Asami and Matsuko Deluxe

15:39 Parody of HBC

Episode 12

18:48 Reference to the death flag “chotto hatake no yousu wo mitekuru” (literally “(I) am going to look at the state of the fields”)

19:57 The song being sung is “Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi wo” by Sakamoto Kyuu


Screenshot credits: ©沙村広明・講談社/藻岩山ラジオ編成局

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