No Game No Life episode 11 references, parodies


Explanations of parodies and references in No Game No Life episode 11

Timestamps are approximate

0:47No-Game-No-Life-11-000047-gal-gun-nano Parody of Gal Gun

1:06 Parody of Dead or Alive

1:17No-Game-No-Life-11-000117-ginga-eiyuu Parody of Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of the Legendary Heroes

1:38No-Game-No-Life-11-000138-aimasu-kana Parody of THE IDOLM@STER

1:59No-Game-No-Life-11-000159-akb48 Parody of AKB48

3:23No-Game-No-Life-11-000323-persona-steins-gate-akiba-stripReference to Kati Räikkönen from game Akiba’s Trip 2, Makise Kurisu from game STEINS;GATE and Satonaka Chie from game Persona 4

17:49 No-Game-No-Life-11-001749-betsu-ni-are-wo-taoshimattemo-kamawanu-daroParody of Archer from game Fate/Stay Night, and saying his line “betsu ni are wo taoshimattemo kamawan no darou” exactly

18:06No-Game-No-Life-11-001806-saber-vs-rider-location-wiseResembles the fight between Rider and Saber in game Fate/Stay Night

23:51 Parody of lines “mou hitoiki ja pawaa wo meteo ni” and exactly the line “ii desu tomo” from game Final Fantasy 4


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