Softenni episodes parodies, references and notes



All(probably) Shinseiki Evangelion / Neon Genesis Evangelion references and parodies in Softenni anime and other notes.

Timestamps are approximate


The 4 main girls’ surnames each contain one of the 4 seasons and can mean: Akiyama Chitose (autumn mountain thousand years), Harukaze Asuna (spring wind tomorrow greens), Sawanatsu Kotone (thin/short river summer koto sound), Fuyukawa Kurusu (winter river coming nest).

Episode 3

12:45 Softenni-03-001245-Eva-bach0The elevator area is the same as the one in the NERV base of the Evangelion anime. The music playing is Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach which also played in the Evangelion anime.

13:26 Softenni-03-001326-otou-san-no-koto-ga-shijirarenai-no0Fuyukawa Kurusu says “otou-san no koto ga shinjirarenai no” (roughly “you can’t trust your father?”) which is a parody of the line “shinjirarenai no otou-san no shigoto wa” (roughly “you can’t trust your father’s job?”) said by Ayanami Rei in the same kind of place as in the Evangelion anime.

13:37 Softenni-03-001337-slap0The slap by Fuyukawa Kurusu is the same as that done by Ayanami Rei to Ikari Shinji after he answers her question about trusting his father.

13:49 Softenni-03-001349-baa-san-wa-you-zumi0Fuyukawa Kurusu says “baa-san wa you zumi” (roughly “granny has no more use”) which is the same line said by Ayanami Rei to Akagi Naoko. The negative colour and background effect for Fuyukawa Kurusu and Sawanatsu Kotone are also similar to the ones shown in the Evangelion anime scene.

14:10 Softenni-03-001412-lilithThe giant doors to get into some room resembles that of the scene in the Evangelion anime to get into a particular room

14:11 Softenni-03-001411-sliding-cardThe sliding card to open the door is the same type of method as in the Evangelion anime.

Episode 5

22:25 Fuyukawa Kurusu says to Sawanatsu Kotone anata ga shindemo kawari wa iru mono” (literally, “even if you die, there are replacements”) which is a parody of the line watashi ga shindemo kawari wa iru mono” (literally “even if I die, there will be replacements”) said by Ayanami Rei.

Episode 6

17:50 Softenni-06-001750-eva-bgm-and-text-perhapsThe onscreen text and background screens resembles those of in the Evangelion anime.

Episode 8

6:03 Softenni-08-000605-eva-bousouThe music in the background is Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven and is the same song played during a scene related to Kaworu from Evangelion. Chitose’s various poses and action resemble the Eva Shougouki / Unit 01 during its rampage scene.

6:09 Softenni-08-000608-gendou-poseKurusu does the “Gendou” pose often done by Ikari Shinji in the Evangelion anime. Kurusu says both “hajimatta ne” (roughly “it’s started, hasn’t it?”) and “aa, subete wa kore kara da” (roughly “yeah, everything is from now on”), the same lines said by Fuyutsuki Kouzou and Ikari Gendou respectively in the same scene. Of note also is that Fuyutsuki’s name literally means “winter moon”, sharing the winter kanji with Fuyukawa Kurusu’s name.

Episode 9

0:00 Softenni-09-000003-24-countdown-sound-effectThe text on black background which reads roughly “previously on Softenni” is a parody of the previous episode recap sequence from the American TV series 24 and sound effect is the countdown sound effect from the TV series.

13:37Softenni-09-001337-plug-suit-compression-and-anata-wa-shinanai-wa Fuyukawa Kurusu says “anata wa shinanai wa watashi ga mamoru mono” (roughly, “you will not die, because I will protect (you)”) which is the same line said by Ayanami Rei to Ikari Shinji. The resizing of the clothes and its sound effect while showing her silhouette is the same as in the Evangelion anime when Ayanami Rei saids the line while fitting the plugsuit.

Softenni-09-001340-Rei-side-faceThe show of the side of Fuyukawa Kurusu’s face also resembles the cut in the Evangelion scene.

14:10 Fuyukawa Kurusu says “kokoro no barikeedo wa soto kara yaburu” (literally “the heart’s barricade is broken from the outside”) possibly a reference to the A.T. fields in the Evangelion anime.

20:13 The background music playing in the scene is from the Evangelion anime or is very similar to the particular music.


Screenshot credits: ©あづち涼/マッグガーデン/「そふてにっ」制作委員会

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