22/7 / Nanabun no Nijuuni episode 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 references, translation errors, untranslated content



References, translation errors, untranslated content explanations for 22/7 / Nanabun no Nijuuni episode 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Translations are from Aniplex(?)/Funimation.

Timestamps are approximate

Episode 1


  • roomaji: watashi no sekai wa heiwa nara sore de sekai wa heiwa da
  • subtitle: and in doing so, my world is peaceful
  • correct meaning: if my world is peaceful, then the world is peaceful


  • roomaji: hitori ga suki
  • subtitle: she has a little crush
  • correct meaning: (she) likes being alone


  • roomaji: samuke ga suru hodo no hikari / mabushii hodo no yami
  • subtitle: chilled in bright light / dazzled by darkness
  • correct meaning: a light bright to the extent it causes chills / darkness dark to the extent of being bright

4:02 (episode title)

  • subtitle: Goodbye Small World
  • correct meaning: Farewell, my modest world


  • roomaji: sankasha
  • subtitle: audition
  • correct meaning: participant


  • roomaji: anata wa totemo kirei
  • subtitle: you’re all quite pretty
  • correct meaning: you (singular) are really pretty


    • roomaji: shirei wo hakidasareta tokoro wo mita koto ga nai
    • subtitle: all i do know is that it hasn’t issued any orders as of yet
    • correct meaning: (I) have not seen any orders being spit out


    • roomaji: jaa watashi-tachi wa dare ga nan no tame ni eranda ka wakaranai shi
    • subtitle: So we don’t even know why we were chosen?
    • correct meaning: (Statement, not question) Then, we don’t even know who chose us or for what reason.


    • roomaji: zettaiteki sonzai
    • subtitle: absolute source
    • correct meaning: absolute existence (what it says is absolute)


    • roomaji: sekiyu ou no douraku
    • subtitle: some rich person made this to occupy themselves
    • correct meaning: oil magnate’s amusement


    • roomaji: douraku tte nani wo sore
    • subtitle: what do you mean by ‘rich person’
    • correct meaning: amusement? What do you mean by that?


    • roomaji: jibun de kangaero gendai ko
    • subtitle: you tell me, modern girl
    • correct meaning: think for yourself, modern kid


    • roomaji: sou iu otona-tachi ga kono sekai wo tsukutterun da
    • subtitle: the world is made up of adults like those
    • correct meaning: those kinds of adults are making this world


    • roomaji: aidoru nante bakagetteru
    • subtitle: idols are fools
    • correct meaning: (the concept of) idols is absurd

    20:16Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-01-002016-untranslated-phone-messages0last 3 lines before image message read:

    • be careful, okay?
    • thank you
    • “Present for Onee-chan”, she said (the mother is saying that’s what Miu’s little sister said)

    20:17Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-01-002017-neene-itsumo-arigatou-okaasan0Top text says “okaa-san” which means it is from Takigawa Miu’s mother.

    The text on the drawing reads: “Nee-ne (cutesy way of addressing older sister), thank you always”


    • roomaji: chiimu nante kumenai
    • subtitle: don’t want to team up
    • correct meaning: (I) don’t do such a thing as team up


    • roomaji: yaritakunai koto wo shinakya otona ni narenai to iu no nara
    • subtitle: if i want to become an adult i need to become good at it
    • correct meaning: if you say that I won’t become an adult if I don’t do things I don’t want to do, then…

    Episode 3

    22:58 Tachikawa Ayaka calls Takigawa Miu “Christel” which is a reference to Takigawa Christel

    Episode 5


    11:07 (Kono Miyako’s mother’s sleep talk), also a parody of the line by Oka Hashirou from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki who himself parodied off the line “mimi kara te tsukonde okuba gata gata iwasetarou ka / should (I) thrust (my) finger from (your) ear and make (your) molar say ‘rattle rattle’?”)

    • roomaji: ketsu kara te tsukonde okuba gata gata iwasetarou ka
    • subtitle: I’ll pull it out of your butt
    • correct meaning: should (I) thrust (my) hand from (your) butt and make (your) molar say “rattle rattle”?

    12:05 Okuri-kun probably refers to the real-life person Oguri Shun




    • roomaji: shinpai nan wa anta yacchuu nen
    • subtitle: you’re the one worried about them, not me
    • correct meaning: (I’m) saying the one I’m worried about is you (Miyako is worried about her mother, not the kids)


    • roomaji: fazakon
    • subtitle: thing for dads
    • correct meaning: father complex (complex for only her own dad, not other dads)


    • roomaji: machiuke ga otou-san
    • subtitle: have a dad waiting for you
    • correct meaning: (Satou Reika’s) wallpaper/standby screen is (a picture of) her dad

    Episode 6


    • roomaji: soko made wa waraware ni wa
    • subtitle: as far as we know
    • correct meaning: Not even we (know) that much


    • roomaji: sutairu
    • subtitle: style
    • correct meaning: figure/build (of the body)


    • roomaji: misenakya son desho
    • subtitle: there’s no harm in a little peek
    • correct meaning: it would be a waste not to show it, wouldn’t it?


    • roomaji: kaichou sen ni mo suisen
    • subtitle: recommended for a postion when we have student elections
    • correct meaning: even a recommendation for the (student council) president election (recommended to be president, not for any other position)


    • roomaji: kareshi no hitori mo inai nante
    • subtitle: no boyfriend
    • correct meaning: that (you) don’t have even 1 boyfriend (implying Reika should be having multiple boyfriends)


    • roomaji: kouhai ni mecha okorareteta
    • subtitle: he got really mad at his assistant
    • correct meaning: (Reika’s dad’s) kouhai got really mad at the Reika’s dad (the Funimation translation is the opposite meaning)


    • roomaji: ikan ni mo saenai tte kanji da yo ne
    • subtitle: it was like he was so disappointed in him
    • correct meaning: (Reika’s dad) is indeed like so unsatisfactory (Reika’s friends were dissing her dad, rather than saying that the dad was dissappointed in his kouhai like suggested in the Funimation translation)

    Episode 7


    12:15 The song being sung at the karaoke is Koisuru Fortune Cookie, first sung by AKB48 which was created by the Yasushi Akimoto, who is much involved with the 22/7 project.




    • roomaji: daremo wakari wa shinain de
    • subtitle: no one knows the answer to that question
    • correct meaning: no will be able to tell, so… (Toda Jun was saying that no one will be able to tell the signatures were done by her and not by the individual idol members)


    • roomaji: maiban oogoe de nakitsuzuketa no wa yokattan darou to oisha-san ga itteita kedo
    • subtitle: the doctor said that it would have been okay to cry every night
    • correct meaning: “It was probably good that she cried continuously in a big voice every night” said the doctor-san, but… (The doctor seemed to have thoughtlessly told the family that Jun’s crying was a significant factor in curing her lung problem)

    Episode 8


    • roomaji: jibun no kimagure de kibunya na tokoro ga kazoku wo fukaku kizutsukeru 
    • subtitle: my moodiness and capriciousness were wound by my family
    • correct meaning: my own whims and moodiness deeply wounded my family (she wounded her family, not that her family wounded her attitudes)


    • roomaji: mata tayoru ki manman desu ne 
    • subtitle: you’re just brimming with the need to help people again
    • correct meaning: (you) are totally intending to depend on (Miu) again, aren’t you? (Funimation translation suggests the opposite meaning, where Miyako is wanting to help others instead of relying on help. Further, it is a reference back to the episode 3 where Miu saved the show by playing the piano, which is what Maruyama Akane is suggesting Miyako is depending on.)


    • roomaji: Akane ni nakaretara 
    • subtitle: if Akane makes me start crying
    • correct meaning: If I get cried on by Akane…


      Screenshot credits: ©ANIME 22/7

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