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The title is short for Neko Paradise which means “Cat Paradise”.

Episode 1

6:10Nekopara-01-000610-recently-Carlos-Ghosn-escaped-by-hiding-in-a-box0Vanilla and Chocola getting into the house via cardboard box was very timely with the incident of Carlos Ghosn escaping via hiding in a cardboard box

Episode 2

17:19Nekopara-02-001719-SONYA0SONYA is a parody of SONY

Episode 3

7:37Nekopara-03-000737-windows-me-or-earlier0The operating system used by Shigure’s computer resembles Windows ME or earlier WIndows versions.

12:33Nekopara-03-001233-book-characters-old-man-and-old-woman0The characters on the front of the book include Aka Oni / Red Oni, Momotarou, Kintarou. The story Maple was reading to Cocoa which involved a grandpa and granny living somewhere and then one day the granny was about to do something is probably the Momotarou story.

15:18Nekopara-03-001518-VAIO-parody0MAIO is a parody of VAIO

Episode 4

17:04Nekopara-04-001704-taka-tora-batta-tatoba-combo-kamen-rider-oozu0The 3 animals shown flying across the screen, taka / hawk, tora / tiger and batta / grasshopper are the 3 animals that form the Tatoba Combo used by OOO from the Kamen Rider OOO tokusatsu drama.


Screenshot credits: ⒸNEKO WORKs/ネコぱら製作委員会

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