Gleipnir episode 1, 2, 3 parodies, notes



Parodies, translation notes for Gleipnir episode 1, 2, 3. Translation is from Funimation.

Episode 1

7:29Gleipnir-01-000729-puzzle-and-dragonsThe game Kagaya Shuuichi was playing resembles Puzzle and Dragons

13:56 Clair’s line was translated as “Huh. You sound so sincere” which can be misleading, as she actually said “Oh, reading in monotone”.

22:14Gleipnir-01-002214-uchuujinThe credit name of the strange guy coming out of the vending machine is “Uchuujin” (literally “space person”), commonly translated as “alien”.

Episode 2

5:46 Aoki Clair said the assailant who attacked them was wearing shoes, but it was incorrectly translated as “barefoot”. In the scene, clearly, she was wearing shoes and not barefoot.

Episode 3

2:24Gleipnir-03-000224-calorie-mate-VolvicParodies of Calorie Mate and Volvic.


Screenshot credits: ©武田すん・講談社/グレイプニル製作委員会

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