Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden episode 1 translation notes and untranslated content


Translation notes and untranslated stuff for Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden / Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story episode 1

2:48 “inochi datte kakerarecchau” was translated as “I would put my life on the line”, but should be more like “I could even put my life on the line”. The latter translation implies that the one speaking values life highly and that they could (potentially) put their life on the line, but not necessarily that they (certainly) would.

4:21The books shown were those related to cooking, food and, particularly “organic”.

4:51 “nando mo kakunin shita” was translated as “I checked and double-checked“, but it should be more like “I checked many times“. The number of times checked could have been many times more than just twice.

5:08The station name was “Takarazaki Daisanji” (literally “Takarazaka Number 3”). Phonetically, “Daisanji”, could also mean “great disasater”.

5:12 “kaji mo dekiru wo shiteru desho” was translated as “you know I can do all the chores”, but more literally is “(you) know (I) can do the chores too, right?”. That is, she is known to be able to do the chores on top of other things as well.

6:39The two signs for some reason were not translated. Respectively, they are roughly “Please don’t run away in the middle (of the show probably)” and “Please don’t throw things at the performers”.

7:54 The teacher’s line’s translation only had “business trip” and no mention of “overseas” which was said in the Japanese.

8:19 “tamaki-san cchi tte ima oya inai no” was translated as “Tamaki, your parents are out of the country right now?”, but is more like “Tamaki-san’s house right now has no parents?”. This time, there is no mention the parents being overseas, yet the translation did have that detail. It would be strange for the one who overheard the conversation and then pass it on to the friends to think the parents are on an overseas business trip despite the previous translation never mentioning “overseas”. Business trips are not necessarily overseas and her parents could be out of the house even without being out of the country.

9:57 “jouhou koukan wa taisetsu desu kara” was translated as “it’s important to keep our information updated“, but is more literally “because information exchange is important”. Probably it is less ambiguous to mention that they are sharing information with each other rather then having information that is up to date.

15:38 “Uwasa” was left untranslated for some reason. Possibly it is a foreshadow of some sort. Typically, “uwasa” means “rumour” in Japanese.

20:38The runes when deciphered reads “we escaped from the ordinary”.

20:41The runes when deciphered reads “we do not care but what others think”.

20:46The runes when deciphered reads “we do not glorify the past”.

20:52The runes when deciphered reads “we do not tolerate anger”.

20:56The runes when deciphered reads “we do not rely on blood ties”.

21:02The runes when deciphered reads “we affirm ourselves at expense of our neighbor”.

23:39The sign reads “Kamihama Mirena Za”. The “Za” probably is used as a counter for “theatres”.

The wishes

Many of the wishes were left translated. From up to down then left to right, most of the wishes are (possibly some non-wish signs are mixed in):


  • I want mum to return (or, possibly, someone, even one self, to return to being a mum)
  • (I) want to become (cutoff portion)
  • lottery first prize!
  • Please make male cousin-dono into a police officer (for some reason used the “-dono” honorific)
  • (I) want to date him
  • (I) want a friend!
  • (I) want to let(make?) Onee-san(not necessarily older sister) marry
  • (Make) the apartment building be like it never happened
  • (I) want to cure older brother’s sickness
  • (I) want to become a beautiful girl
  • (I) don’t want to die
  • (I) want to fly(jump?) higher than anyone
  • Number one strongly


  • even without doing
  • (Probably) want (you) to cure my sickness
  • (I) want to get closer to (my) older sister
  • want to do (cutoff portion)
  • (Probably) want (you) to save the many captured people
  • (I) want to know the feelings towards myself
  • To be able to work for 30 years
  • Want (cutoff portion) to return
  • (I) want the courage to confess
  • (I) want money
  • (I) want to live in a spacious house
  • (I) want to live by myself
  • (I) want to protect 蒼海幇 (possibly someone or something’s name? Was translated as Blue Seas Family)
  • (Something) related to the sickness (probably) of grandma
  • (I) want the power to connect hearts(non-organ heart)
  • (To become) a regular (for a sports team probably)
  • (I) want to be chosen
  • (I) want to become a skilled fortune-teller
  • (I) want to take (my) family back
  • (I) want to avenge

  • (I) want to become a knight that protects people
  • To be myself, even if just in the dream
  • (Probably) to get along well with my mother
  • (I) to erase the memories of (someone) living(?) (somewhere)
  • (I) don’t want to run away
  • (I) want to live together with (my) family
  • Invisible person… erase my appearance

  • (I) want to become the existence which destroys Kamihama
  • (I) don’t want each other to hate each other
  • (I) want to change into a different self


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