Murenase! Seton Gakuen episode 1 parodies, notes


Parodies and notes explanation for Murenase! Seton Gakuen / Seton Academy: Join the Pack! episode 1.

Time stamps are approximate

4:06 Mazama Jin’s name is spelt “間様 人”. Rearranging his name to have his given name first and then his surname gives: “人間様” which is literally “Human-sama“.

4:42The meat is in the shape of what is called “manga niku” (literally “manga meat”), a meat which typically appears in manga and anime works.

6:24Hino Hitomi’s name can literally mean “Female’s Eye”. The first kanji, 牝, means “female”, the second, 野, can be used as the possessive “no” like an apostrophe s and the “瞳” is literally “eye” or “pupil of the eye”. Her hair accessory also seems to be the female symbol ♀.

7:56Bocchi” was translated as “alone”, which is correct. However, “bocchi” is short for “hitoribocchi / 一人ぼっち” which also means “alone” but uses the “person / 人” kanji and only applies to humans. In the background, “bocchi” is written as “一匹 / ippiki” which means 1 animal. To count humans, the “person / 人” kanji is used.

14:41The humans in the illustration are drawn in the style of Irasutoya.

16:29Jin’s detection ability and sound effect is the newtype ability from Kidou Senshi Gundam / Mobile Suit Gundam.

16:35 As the bear licked his mouth, he said “jururi” which is the onomatopoeia for slurping back excess saliva (typically saliva which came out from seeing something tasty). However, it did not seem like he slurped any saliva.

18:47 “Nikushokujuu” was translated as “predator”, but is more literally it means “carnivorous animal”. A carnivorous animal does not necessarily have to be a predator. If the animal does not hunt and kill the source of meat which it eats, it is not a predator.

19:28 The bear’s laugh was “kumamamama“. “Kuma” is the Japanese for “bear” and the bear just kept repeating the “ma” part as its laugh.

21:42Including previously discussed names, the cast includes other names:

  • Ookami(?) Ranka (literally “Big Wolf Ranka”, although containing both the “大 / big” kanji and the “狼 / wolf” kanji when “狼” by itself is already pronounced “ookami”)
  • Komori Yukari (literally “Child-minding Yukari”)
  • Mashima Kuroe (literally “Horse Stripe Kuroe”) (incidentally, “zebra” in Japanese is “shimauma / 縞馬 / stripe horse”)
  • Amano Karorisu (a pun on “anomarokarisu / anomalocaris”)


Screenshot credits: © 山下文吾・Cygames/アニメ「群れなせ!シートン学園」製作委員会

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