Murenase! Seton Gakuen episode 2-12 parodies, references


Parodies and references explanation for Murenase! Seton Gakuen / Seton Academy: Join the Pack! episode 2-12.

Time stamps are approximate

Episode 2

7:55 The strip and scenic background after first tasting the food is possibly a parody of the food-eating reactions from the manga Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma.

Episode 3

14:09Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-03-001409-super-saiyajin-kana0Shishino King’s burst of yellow glowing power is possibly a parody of the Super Saiyajin / Super Saiyan from the manga Dragonball.

Episode 5

6:58Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-05-000658-magic-the-donkeys-also-the-card-design-is-similar-with-the-dots0The card game called “Magic: the Donkeys” and it’s card design is possibly a parody of the real card game Magic: The Gathering.

10:52Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-05-001052-tsurikichi-sanpei-fishing-and-pose0The fishing and pose done by the chimpanzee girl Saruhara Pan much resembles that of some of the poses of character Mihira Sanpei from the manga Tsurikichi Sanpei / Fisherman Sanpei.

Episode 7

15:09Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-07-001509-time-bokan-smoke-kana0The smoke cloud is possibly a parody of the smoke clouds from the anime Time Bokan.

Episode 8

0:18Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-08-0000180Parody of Pocky

0:28Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-08-0000100 The title of the book Mazama Jin, “Niku Q Seiden” (literally “paw authenic biography”, but with a pun on the “Q” being the same pronunciation of the Japanese “kyuu” in “niku kyuu / paw”), is a parody of the Chinese novella title “阿Q正傳 / The True Story of Ah Q”.

Episode 9

23:40Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-09-002340-sunrise-stand-mirrorred0The Sunrise tachi / Sunrise stand pose, a pose while holding a weapon like shown (except mirrored direction), from the Sunrise animation studio.

Episode 10

21:23Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-10-002123-bruce-lee-suit0The yellow with black stripe jumpsuit is the same worn by the character Hai Tien (played by Bruce Lee) in the film The Game of Death.

22:11 Shishino King says “wakaran daga tomo ni ikiru koto ga dekiru” (literally “(I) don’t know, but (we) can live together”) which is a parody of the line, “wakaranu daga tomo ni ikiru koto ga dekiru” (same meaning), said by the character Ashitaka from the anime film Mononoke Hime / Princess Mononoke.

Episode 11

12:33Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-11-001233-味平-ka0Komori Yukari’s face is a parody of a face from the manga Houchounin Ajihei.

12:38Murenase-Seton-Gakuen-11-001238-包丁人味平-meimei0Meimei’s nose accessory resembles that of a certain character also from the manga Houchounin Ajihei.

Episode 12

14:58 The music during the scene is a parody of the theme music from the boxing drama film series Rocky.


Screenshot credits: © 山下文吾・Cygames/アニメ「群れなせ!シートン学園」製作委員会

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