Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator episode 1 – 4 references and notes


Parodies, references and notes explanation for Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator episodes 1 to 4.


  • The Japanese title is written “とある科学の一方通行” which roughly can translate to “a certain science’s one-way passage”.
  • Instead of the reading for “一方通行” being “ippou tsuukou“, it is read as “アクセラレータ (akuserareeta)” which is the Japanese pronunciation for “accelerator”.

Episode 1

The book Accelerator was reading seems to be volume 1 of the Heavy Object S Manga which is an adaptation of the Heavy Object light novel series. The light novel series is also written by the same author who writes the Toaru series (Kazama Kamachi).

Episode 2

Accelerator can be seen reading the same manga as episode 1 in episode 2.

  • Hitokawa Hitomi’s name is written as “人皮挟美” which interpreted literally can mean “human skin between beauty”.
  • The school she went to was “Ninoude High School”. “Ninoude” in Japanese can mean “upper arm”, at least in terms of the sound. It is unclear what kanji is used to spell the name. 

Episode 3

The letter in episode 3 seemed to not have been translated by the official translators.

It read as follows:









Roughly, this can translate to:

To Mum,

Mum, sorry.

Hasami could not meet Mum’s expectations.

Even though you supported me with all your might, 

that I couldn’t produce the results, 

I am really sorry.

For being a poorly made daughter and causing trouble, 

I am really sorry.

Further, Hasami referred to her mum as “Okaa-san (お母さん)” which is probably a medium-polite and common way of address. 

Episode 4

  • The lollipop here seems to be a parody of the Chupa Chups lollipops. Particularly, the shape and the wrapper.
  • The flavour of the lollipop written on the wrapper is “わさびソーダ味” which is literally “wasabi soda flavour”.

Screenshot credits: ©2018 鎌池和馬/山路新/KADOKAWA/PROJECT-ACCELERATOR

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