22/7 / Nanabun no Nijuuni episode 9, 10, 11, 12 parodies, references, translation errors, untranslated content



Parodies, references, translation errors, untranslated content explanations for 22/7 / Nanabun no Nijuuni episode 9, 10, 11, 12. Translations are from Aniplex(?)/Funimation.

Timestamps are approximate 

Episode 9


3:52 “Christel”. the reference to Takigawa Christel was translated as “Christer”.

6:09Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-09-000609-playstation-3-controllerParody of PlayStation 3 controllers

10:10 Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-09-001010-parody-of-coca-colaParody of Coca Cola


8:24 Subtitles said the Fuji is in the same league as Everest. It omitted the mention of it being Mt. Fuji in the winter.

Episode 10


10:42Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-10-001042-twitterParody of Twitter

20:34Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-10-002034-phone-screen-not-translatedParody of YouTube which was also untranslated. The tags were #nananiji #22/7 #idol. The title was “[intense image] with a sudden break-up, I coincidentally encountered the talked-about idol group though wwwwwww”.



10:43 Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-10-001042-stitchnot all the tweets were translated. From top to bottom, they roughly mean (note that w means “laugh” and “grass” is many w‘s):

  • GIP
  • serious group thanks for your hard work www
    it is hilarious www
  • the press conference was too fast w
    great grassland wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    #22/7 #break-up press conference
  • a difference in direction or something?
    (I) am curious though?
  • scandal?
    #idol #darkness
  • fought with the agency?
  • the members are guilty too!


  • roomaji: moto ni modoru dake ya
  • subtitle: if only we could go back
  • correct meaning: (we’re) only going back to how (we) were before (we became idols)

13:14 same mistranslation as 12:58


    • roomaji: hito wa iro na mono ni nareteiku
    • subtitle: you become used to all sorts of people
    • correct meaning: people become used to various things


    • roomaji: sore demo hito wa donna toki mo wagamama ni ikite ii no yo
    • subtitle: Everyone’s always living selfishly at any given time
    • correct meaning: even so, it is okay for people to live selfishly at any time


    • roomaji: kaseijin omonnakatta
    • subtitle: there weren’t too many martians
    • correct meaning: The martians weren’t interesting


    • roomaji: genki ga ariamatteru no kashira ne 
    • subtitle: I wonder if she’s just given up trying to be cheerful
    • correct meaning: I wonder if she’s got excess energy

    20:42Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-10-002042-stitchedSome tweets were not translated. All were:

    • This is how it is
    • The members are keeping quiet too, right?
      #22/7 #breakup
    • Those girls did not exist
      #22/7 #breakup
    • Even though I trusted them!!
    • Unforgivable!
      #22/7 #GIP
    • Act of betrayal!
      #22/7 #betrayal
    • There’s nothing (we) can do but believe (in them)… It won’t end like this!

    20:52Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-10-002052-stitchedSome tweets were not translated. All were:

    • The members are not at fault!
      #22/7 #breakup #reason
    • I can’t do anything for them…
      #22/7 #masterpiece song
    • ……….。
      #22/7 #breakup
    • The ones at fault are GIP!
      #22/7 #mastermind
    • wanna hear the members’ voices.

    21:10Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-10-002110-untranslated-tweets-3Tweets read:

    • I like it!
    • My kid since watching the live show has always been saying they’ll become an idol!
    • (Ore) I have decided to push for (them) for life.

    Episode 11

    1:05 The book used in the class was textbook for Japanese

    7:50Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-11-000750-eating-the-hito-jiTo overcome the stage fright and/or nervousness, Saitou Nicole does the technique of writing the person character, 人, in her palm and drinking it

    10:24Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-11-001024-untranslated-slideThe untranslated slide in the class meant:

    • Basics of manners
    • greeting and self-introduction
    • smile
    • personal appearance
    • wording
    • the attitude when listening to the other party


    • roomaji: toreiningu ni hagemi
    • subtitle: training was an incentive
    • correct meaning: striving in training


    • roomaji: Akane ga saisho ni nakidashita toki wa maji de morainaki shita
    • subtitle: When Akane started to cry, I almost started, too
    • correct meaning: When Akane started to cry, (I) seriously caught (her) crying and cried too


    • roomaji: anaunsu ga dekinai Chirstel to
    • subtitle: What about you, Christel?
    • correct meaning: And Christel who couldn’t talk in front of the crowd

    Episode 12


    • roomaji: nanabun no nijuuni ruumu de okita koto wa mochiron genba de no anatagata no gendou mo chikuichi houkoku wo uke zonjiageteimasu
    • subtitle: Because of everything that happened here in this room, we do know minute details about your speech and conduct.
    • correct meaning: The things in the 22/7 room of course, and all of you people’s speech and conduct at the various scenes… I received reports in detail and am aware of them all (implying the Wall only knows what it was told, and does not have an omnipresence


    • roomaji: Akane-chan wa suteiji no seikou wo dare yori mo yorokondeta
    • subtitle: Akane was always so happy whenever we had a good concert
    • correct meaning: Akane-chan who was delighted more than anyone when the show(s) succeeded


    • roomaji: mou tayoranai deshou
    • subtitle: you don’t need me to help, do you
    • correct meaning: (you’re) not gonna rely anymore, right? (possibly referring to Takigawa Miu not relying on the wall anymore instead of on Saitou Nicole)


    • roomaji: nani ga mattetemo monku iu na yo
    • subtitle: don’t complain if something’s waiting for us
    • correct meaning: don’t complain no matter what is waiting (for us)

    20:15Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-12-002015-not-translated-instruction-brightThe instruction was untranslated and meant: make preparations for the one year live show

    20:18Nanabun-no-Nijyuuni-12-002018-kabe-chanThe final cast name which was just a question mark in previous episode reads “Wall-chan”.

    21:11 Reference to the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    • roomaji: hana ga akai no wa tonakai desu yo
    • subtitle: your nose is as red as a reindeer’s
    • correct meaning: The one with the red nose is the reindeer (the female staff member is making fun of Gouda by implying he is supposed to be a gorilla, not a reindeer)


        Screenshot credits: ©ANIME 22/7

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