Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Ren`ai Zunousen episode 1 references, parodies, translation errors, untranslated content



Parodies, references, translation errors, untranslated content explanations for Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Ren`ai Zunousen / Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 2 episode 1. Translations are from Aniplex(?)/Funimation.

Timestamps are approximate

The title

The second season anime title literally means “Kaguya-sama wants to cause (someone) to confess? Geniuses’ Romance battle of brains”. The first season did not have a question mark, implying, in the second season, there are doubts about Shinomiya Kaguya wanting to make Shirogane Miyuki confess?

Episode 1


2:44Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-000244-iphoneHayasaka AI’s phone and its contents is a parody of the one of the Apple iPhones.

2:48Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-000249-mission-impossible-theme-movie-introThe music and the burning fuse is a parody of the opening sequence of the original Mission Impossible TV series.

9:15Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-000915-thomas-the-tank-engineIshigami Yuu parodies Thomas the Tank Engine from The Railway Series. Shirogane Miyuki is possibly a parody of Donald or Douglas from The Railway Series?

13:00Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-001300-sofmapThe background wallpaper is a parody of Sofmap wallpaper

    13:07Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-001307-tokyo-uniThe university building in the background is Tokyo University.

    18:12Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-001812-air-cat-cradleFujiwara is doing air cat’s cradle



    0:27Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-000027-the-geniues-war-of-hearts-and-mindsThe sign board where the head is supposed to be was translated as “THE GENIUES’ WAR OF HEARTS AND MINDS”. It is more accurately “The geniuse’s romance battle of brains”.


    • roomaji: shiretto shita no namae de yonderu
    • subtitle: he had to throw that in
    • correct meaning: (he’s) casually calling (her) by (her) given name


    • roomaji: sono shinsei na okonai
    • subtitle: they wouldn’t have gone that far
    • correct meaning: that sacred deed

      8:34 Shinomiya Kaguya said the first part of the word “sex” (sekkusu) but stopped at “sekku” without pronouncing the last “ku“. There was nothing in the subtitles.

      8:37Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-000837-koibito-tsunagi-holding-handsThe specific hand-holding referred to as “koibito tsunagi” shown was translated simply as “holding hands”. However, “koibito tsunagi” (literally, “lovers connection”) is specifically the way of holding hands shown where the fingers are interlocked, indicative of lovers.

      22:24Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-002224-the-details-untranslateThe untranslated details of the fortunetelling can be inferred to roughly mean:
      “Each other’s prides get in the way…
      possibility of things not going well and meeting demise…
      If (each) could just discard that pride… 


      • roomaji: tsutawaru hazu mo naku
      • subtitle: he couldn’t explain that to her, either
      • correct meaning: wouldn’t get conveyed to (her)


      • roomaji: tsutawaranai mon da na
      • subtitle: i can’t tell her that
      • correct meaning: it is something that doesn’t get conveyed. eh? (he is trying to tell her indirectly, but it isn’t getting through, rather than him not wanting to tell her)

      23:35Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-002335-TODAYS-BATTLE-RESULT-COLON-KAGUYA-WINS-The translation of the sign omitted the detail about Kaguya being in a “good mood”.

        23:41Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-01-002341-bottom-text-untranslatedThe bottom text was not translated. It meant:
        “bad luck・symbol of sacrifice
        be careful of verbal slips”


          Screenshot credits: ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会

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