Tsugumomo episode 6 references, parodies, notes


Explanation for parodies, references, translation notes in Tsugumomo episode 6.

Timestamps are approximate


0:54Tsugumomo-06-000054-gyaruge-jinsei-de-aru-CLANNADIn the explanation, the narrator says “gyaruge […] wa jinsei de aru” (literally “galge is life”). It is possibly a reference to the phrase about the visual novel Clannad, “Clannad wa jinsei” (literally “Clannad is life”), which is the result of someone’s reply to the question “if [Clannad] is not an Eroge, then what is it?” (that reply being “jinsei… kana, meaning “life… perhaps?”).

3:54Tsugumomo-06-000354-titanic-gokkoThe couple on the far left are doing the “I’m flying” action scene from the film Titanic done by the 2 lead characters Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater.

4:31Tsugumomo-06-000431-the-time-limit-is-sakura-taisenThe time limit for the game choice options with the border filling up is from the first Sakura Taisen / Sakura Wars game.

4:57 The sound effect at the time is the sound effect which occurs in the Sakura Taisen / Sakura Wars game when the player increases their affection level with a character.

5:09Tsugumomo-06-000509-successfully-confessing-under-legendary-sakura-tree-Tokimeki-MemorialThe successfully confessing under the legendary sakura / cherry blossom tree leading to a fulfilled love is from the game Tokimeki Memorial.

8:39Tsugumomo-06-000841-P.H.-One-Junbato-paro-of-Tohato-The name of the game, “PureHeart”, is a parody of the game title To Heart, also a visual novel. The poster shown is also a parody of the cover for the To Heart game. “Jun bato” (literally, “pure dove”, translated as “P.H. One”) is a parody of the nickname, “TouHato” (spelt “東鳩”, meaning “East Dove”), for the game To Heart.

14:40Tsugumomo-06-001440-bakudan-shori-is-tokimemoThe game mechanic of dealing with the “bomb” before it explodes is from the game Tokimeki Memorial.

21:15Tsugumomo-06-002115-asa-chun The Eurasian tree sparrows chirping in the morning is a technique to imply that sex occurred the previous night. Usually there are much fewer sparrows than shown…


4:06Tsugumomo-06-000406-pun-on-dokan-sound-and-earthen-pipedokan” is the onomatopoeia for certain sounds of things colliding. Also shown in the image is an earthen pipe which is “dokan” in Japanese.


4:52Tsugumomo-06-000452-untranslatedUntranslated text:

(Unsure how name is read, given name is probably “Ami” or “Aimi”)

  1. A wonderful smile, aye?
  2. (You’re) cute today, too, aye?
  3. (You’re) hair is like a helmet, aye?

4:54Tsugumomo-06-000454-untranslatedThe text box is the girl character’s line. It says “Aren’t (you) a boring man. Come 3 days ago.”

8:53Tsugumomo-06-000853-untrans-2Tsugumomo-06-000853-untrans-3Textboxes roughly mean:

  • “Owowowo… I hit my butt”
  • (You’ve) tripped quite flashily
  • If it comes this far, it can even be thought of as art


  • 1. Would Kasa-nee like to do it together too?
  • 2. (I) can see it! An incredible aura…
  • 3. This is different! (My) body just (did it) by itself!!
  • 4. Free input


  • 1. It’s a drill, right?!
  • 2. This is a real robo girl!!
  • 3. For the time being, let’s talk above ground.
  • Free input

9:31Tsugumomo-06-000931-human-x-spirit-starting-today-you-are-my-servantThe game text was translated as “human x spirit starting today you are my servant”. More accurately, it should be “Non-human simulation?! ~From today, you are love’s servant~”


Screenshot credits: ©浜田よしかづ/双葉社・「継つぐもも」製作委員会

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