Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Ren`ai Zunousen episode 4 references, parodies, translation errors, untranslated content



Parodies, references, translation errors, untranslated content explanations for Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Ren`ai Zunousen / Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 2 episode 4. Translations and lack thereof are from Aniplex(?)/Funimation.

Timestamps are approximate


3:16Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000316-東急百貨店本店-paroParody of Toukyuu Hyakkaten / Tokyu Department Store. “Otekyu” is a parody of “Tokyu” and “Bunkomachi” (probably meaning “library town”) is parody of “Bunkamura” (meaning “culture village”).

4:45Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000445-irasutoya-ka-game-cubeThe art is in similar style to that of irasutoya. There is a Nintendo Game Cube on the floor.

4:55Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000455-arduinoThe book closest to the view has an Arduino board on the cover.

6:16Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000616-youtube-paroParody of YouTube

10:06Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-001006-monogatari-parodyThe Japanese characters in the eye presentation resembles that of the Monogatari Series anime series.

10:12Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-001012-parody-of-bakemonogatari-episode-1The discussion scene between Shirogane and Fujiwara in the classroom during sunset, with the particular angles and closeups, and especially the shot shown is a parody of the scene with Hanekawa Tsubasa and Araragi Koyomi in the first episode of the anime Bakemonogatari.

12:19Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-001219-twitter-untranslated-textParody of twitter

23:36Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-002236-kyou-no-wanko-paro“KYO-NO KAGUYA / Kyou no Kaguya” is a parody of KYO-NO WANKO / Kyou no Wanko


3:38Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000338-Haasaka-rendered-as-HayasacaThe name “Haasaka” is translated as “Hayasaca”.

5:27Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000521-untranslated-bookKaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000527-book-2The book Kaguya is reading is the exam book for Level 2 electrical work construction management technician.

8:05Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000805-stitched-story Parts of the text are untranslated. From right to left:

  • Start of Love
  • This person is different to any of the men (I) have met until now
  • (He) works harder than anyone else in the academy, the bags under (his) eyes are…
  • That was not the only thing that []. He…
  • While encouraging his love, myself had…

8:21Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-000821-stitched-story-2-1Parts of the text are untranslated. From right to left:

  • sneakily [making(?)] strategies in the middle of the night…
  • the expression made in front of the mirror is a lie, but…
  • [there was](?) certainly a period of time where (I(?)) that
  • the hard-to-refuse confession completes.
  • end

10:19 “Ouen enzetsu” was translated as “campaign speeches”. However, it means “support speech” (probably only 1 speech as well) which is a speech where a supporter of the candidate says things which recommends the candidate. Normally, the presidential candidate will also have their own speech.

10:45 Shirogane’s line, “ima no maji no jiko hyouka datta no?“, was translated as “You were talking about yourself just now?”. It is more accurately “that was a serious self-assessment just now?”, which implies he thought Fujiwara Chika was joking, not that he didn’t know who she was talking about.

12:19Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-001219-twitter-untranslated-textMost of the tweet parody was not translated. The bottom 2 parts are the “retweet” and “like” counters respectively. The main text reads: “Mr. Purejidento Howaitogoorudo-sama, after school today, is confirmed to to confess love to Miss Baisu Purejidento Fooshurain-sama behind the school building!! Must not miss it ❤

  • “Mr. Purejidento Howaitogoorudo-sama” literally means “Mr. President WhiteGold-sama” and refers to Shirogane Miyuki. Shirogane (written “白銀”) literally means “white + silver” (not gold, strangely, although “gane” is a common possible reading for “gold”).
  • “Miss Baisu Purejidento Fooshurain-sama” literally means “Miss Vice President FourShrine-sama” and refers to Shinomiya Kaguya. Shinomiya (written “四宮“) literally means “four + shrine”.

12:23Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-001223-various-untranslatedThe HOTWORDs include:

  • (Student Council) President
  • Shinomiya-san
  • confession
  • Shirogane
  • behind school building

17:14 They said that Iino Miko was “seiseki wa gakunen ichi” which means “(her) grades are first in the school year”. However, the translation was “top of her class”. The same was said of Shirogane which was also translated as “top of his class”. Considering the school is likely to have more than 1 class per year and that being top of 1 class does not mean being the top of all students in all the classes of the year, the official translation does not convey the correct situation.

17:44 Iino calls Ishigami Yuu “furyou” which means ‘delinquent”, but it was translated as “burnout”.

22:07Kaguya-sama-wa-Kokurasetai-S2-04-002207-stitched-flyerThe entire flyer(?) was untranslated. It’s contents would have helped to explain why Fujiwara tore up the paper and wanted to go back to the other side. From top to bottom, it read:

  • Public Commitment
    I, Iino Miko, will realise a better Shuuchiin Academy by implementing the following as a public commitment in order to protect a wholesome and healthy school life.
  • (1) Boys will have shaved heads, girls will have shoulder-hanging pigtails or braids
    • Skirt height will be knee height 10 cm strict adherence
    • Useless decorations will be prohibited
  • (2) Bringing in and possession of cell phones will be prohibited
  • (3) Once a week, will have a personal belongings inspection
  • (4) Boys and girls will be 50 [the rest hidden or too small to read]


 Screenshot credits: ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会

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